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Psycho Moto
Issue #18

Psycho Moto is a zine created by Ethan H. Minsker, and published by the Antagonist Art Movement in New York City, New York, U.S.A.


Psycho Moto began as East Coast Exchange, a Washington D.C./New York City based zine created in 1988. Copies were produced illicitly by friends who worked in copy shops during Minsker’s college years in NYC and in Washington D.C. during Minsker’s summer breaks. The original focus was Washington D.C.’s and New York City's punk and hardcore music scenes. By 1994, ECE had transformed into Psycho Moto from a realization that there are few opportunities for struggling artists and writers to showcase their work. This zine served as a platform for exposure, and by the year 2000, became the inspiration for the formation of the Antagonist Art Movement.

The latest manifestation of PMZ relaunched in mid-2012 after a several year hiatus, and can now be found in hard-copy form and online at The zine is put out every two months or so, and includes art, short fiction and non-fiction, and reviews (music, books, etc). A recurring theme in the zine's modern incarnation is "Death to Blogs," emphasizing the importance of independent print publications in the digital era.

In the late '90s, PMZ was featured in the Youth exhibit at New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City's SoHo district.

English is the majority language, but pieces have also been published in Spanish to incorporate the cross-culture connections of the Antagonist Movement. Future issues hope to include more languages and distribution in more countries. During the course of the almost 20 years of issues, PMZ has been sent to more than 100 countries, including Japan, France, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Poland, Hong Kong, China, Austria, and the UK.

While most content comes from members and affiliates of the Antagonist Movement, outside submissions are welcomed and encouraged. The submissions email can be found on the Facebook page.

Current Staff

Ethan H. Minsker – publisher, editor-in-chief
Marissa Bea – editor/contributor
Kristin Brzoznowski – editor
Eric Wallin – designer/layout

Notable Contributors

Seth Abrams – writer
Richard Allen – writer
Janine Annett – writer
Raul Ayala – artist
Jason Boog – writer
Jose Carmona – artist
Brother Mike Cohen – writer
Patrick Craig – writer
Crispy T – writer/artist
Timothy Danger – writer
Shannon Daugherty – artist
Kimberly de Los Angeles – writer
Greg Di Gesu – writer
Alexis Duque – artist
Jose Egas – writer
Kirsten Flaherty – artist
Dave Fox – artist
J. Glovsky – writer
Megan Hanford – writer
Un Lee – artist
Kristy McCarthy – writer
Brendan McMullan – writer
Tanya Munroe – writer
Oscar Nieto – artist
Sylvia Ortiz – artist
Patricio Ponce – artist
Ted Riederer – writer/artist
Ulices Rosales Rodriguez – artist
James Rubio – artist
Christy Schick – writer
Dahlia Schweitzer – writer
Michael Stewart – artist
Dan Tagonist – writer
Keat Teoh – artist
Jordan Turner – writer/artist
Pancho Vinachi – artist
Michael Whalen – writer
Jerry White Jr. – writer

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