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=Black Sunday Zine=
=Black Sunday Zine=
[[File:BS1.jpeg|thumb|Issue 1]]
Black Sunday zine is a fanzine for headbangers and horror fiends.
Black Sunday zine is a fanzine for headbangers and horror fiends.

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Black Sunday Zine

File:Bs1.jpeg Black Sunday zine is a fanzine for headbangers and horror fiends.

The zine's name is a dedication to a mixture of horror and the occult. It welcomes contributions but is soley written, edited and designed by it's editor Katie Dirge.

It was created in December 2010 and it's first issue was released in September 2011. The zine comes out quarterly and is dedicated to new and well known heavy metal bands from around the world. It also covers new and classic horror movies featuring spotlights on certain movies and essays.

The zine came from a lack of these sorts of self made publications. Katie knew that there were some great horror and heavy metal magazines but there was nothing out there in the way of a zine and that people could easily contribute to. Black Sunday was born.

Black Sunday Zine Website