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* [http://www.the2ndhand.com/web69/bats.html THE2NDHAND  Bat FAQ]
* [http://www.the2ndhand.com/web69/bats.html THE2NDHAND  Bat FAQ]
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Zach Dodson is a designer living in Chicago.

Zach Dodson has worked with such organizations as MAKE: A Chicago Literary Magazine, Newcity and The Dollar Store Show. He started featherproof books with Jonathan Messinger in 2005, 'a young indie publisher based in Chicago, dedicated to the small-press ideals of finding fresh, urban voices.' He has contributed illustrations and design to Punk Planet. He was a guest editor and contributor to The 2nd Hand zine. He is also a managing editor for Chicago's Printers' Ball, an annual celebration of independent print. These and many more independent, literary projects were designed by his graphic design collective, Bleached Whale.


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