You Can Work Any 100 Hours Per Week You Want In Your Underwear

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40 Pages | 1/4 Size | Microcosm #76043
Cover artwork by Alan Lastufka

The You Can Work Any 100 Hours Per Week You Want (In Your Underwear)!! zine covers the history of the first ten years of Microcosm Publishing, told in graphic detail. Founder Joe Biel and contributors write about how they got to where they are today, through working long hours at low (or no) pay.

The zine journies through starting out in a bedroom, putting out records, growing, moving to Portland, publishing books, growing, moving into an office in Liberty Hall, amassing more zines than anyone could ever know what to do with, and more.

Pieces written by Joe Biel, Alex Wrekk, Franco Ortega, Marc Moscato, Siue Moffat, Peter Aaron "Thug" Green, and more.

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