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Yard Sale! is a quarterly perzine based out of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada by Harley R. Pageot.

Yard Sale! #3

Yard Sale! #1 was published in May 2009 and included interviews with the dancehall duo Bonjay, David Barclay of indiepop bands The Endless Bummer and The Diskettes and Kristin Cheung of the website papercubs.com, in addition to comics, reviews, games, and more. It is out of print.

Yard Sale! #2 launched late August 2009 at Toronto's Zine Dream 2 zine fair. The zine featured similar content and tone to the first issue including interviews with Daps Duo and Emma Ditchburn of The Most Serene Republic. It is out of print.

Yard Sale! #3 was released in November 2009 and features a shift from half-page to quarter-page sizing and an increased focus on perzine material over fanzine. For the first time, the zine boasts a full-color cover and has writing about baking, Canzine, cold weather, and failed bicycle rides. A free photograph was included with early copies.

Yard Sale! #4 (the being single issue) was released in February 2010 on Harley's 25th birthday. The zine features writing about ex-girlfriends, past lovers, and reflections on a quarter of a century.

Yard Sale! #5 (the you can go home again issue) was released in April 2010. The zine features memories, anecdotes, and photographs in relation to Harley's childhood neighborhoods.

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