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Xizquil was a science fiction and fantasy zine edited and published by Uncle River.

At leat 13 issues were published from January 1991 to 1995.

Poetry was contributed by Ron Alexander, Andrew Allen, Helen Bach, Jodey Bateman, Elizabeth Ann Cramer, Jay Dodman, Roy P. Fairfield, John Grey, J.C. Hartley, Elizabeth Hillman, Irving Kaufman, Kate Keely, T. Jackson King, Ronald Edward Kittell, Jim Lee, Paul Malecot, David Memmott (Ice River), Edward Mycue, William E. Passera, Pamela Patrick, Wendy Rathbone, Uncle River, Kell Robertson, Marge B. Simon (Star*Line), Steve Sneyd (Data Dump), Sue Storm, Karen Verba, Brian Walker, t. Winter-Damon, and others.

Fiction came from Tippi N. Blevins, D.F. Lewis, John Light, Albert J. Manachino, Mark Rich (The Silent Planet, Treaders of Starlight), Marge B. Simon, Steve Sneyd, Donn Webb, t. Winter-Damon, and others.