Xerography Debt

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Xerography Debt describes itself as "the review zine with latent perzine tendencies." It is edited by Davida Gypsy Breier. All of the reviewers are zinesters themselves, and are allowed to write about zines of their choice in the style of their choice. Xerography Debt also features news and opinions concerning the small press at large.

Xerography Debt had its debut in 1999. Since that first issue, some of the writers for the zine have included Eric Lyden, Kathy Moseley, Donny Smith and Jeff Somers. In the past, Gianni Simone has written a column about mail art. Artists whose work has been featured on the cover include Bobby Tran Dale, Matt Fagan and Androo Robinson. Issue twenty came out in October of 2006.

The zine was formerly known as Xerox Debt, but changed its name in response to threats from the Xerox Corporation.

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