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Woozy (1993?-?) was a music, anarchist and DIY zine published by Australian Iain Mcintyre and Laura Macfarlane out of Melbourne University.


  • No. 8: included articles and interviews on Bedtime Stories for Squatters, 10 ways to get slightly closer to the truth, Can it be punk and acoustic at the same time?, Johnny Cash, Stinky Fire Engine, Sea Scouts Speak Out, 20 Reasons to Stay in Bed Forever, cartoons and more.
  • No. 13: the bike issue contains articles on 'The unglamorous world of a bicycle courier', a short biography of Frances Willard who was one of the first US female bike fanatics, an interview with Lester Vat, Losercorp writes to The Age regarding not wining the short story competition, 'Chunk 666' a chopper bicycle gang who like their forks long, as well as comics, zine reviews and more.



PO Box 4434, Melbourne University, Parkville Vic 3052

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