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this is a zine that will be produced monthly or every other month or as often as we fucking feel like it. we will be covering unique and new sounds. noise / black metal / noise pop / drone / field recordings / hardcore / grind / or any combination of the aforementioned will be covered just so long as it's creative / damaged / evil / sexy / or brutal. some of the criteria i will base alot of my interest on is if the bands or artists: record at home / have unique lineups / use unconventional instrumentation / uninterested in conventional success / are d.i.y. / cripples / insane / unafraid of experimentation / hate religion / hate society / disdain playing live / only do basement shows / run their own labels / make films / do their own zines / record by candlelight / play broken instruments/ dont care about tuning / hit their drums hard / fuck with the squares and jocks/ i want artists. i want writers. i want creative types to help contribute to this zine. the physical properties of the zine are that it is printed in color on a single 11x17 sheet and folded up into fourths for a total of 8 pages. i will continue in this vein for at least the first 5 issues. if we have more contributors then we will increase the amount of pages. for the time being it is as it is. the first issue sells for 3 dollars. has 3 interviews and approximately 50 reviews and comes with a free cdr from either burnt sound offerings or barfing dagger recordings. formats will vary from issue to issue. if you wish to contribute your music, your art, your writings, your interviews, scene reports, columns or anything else you can get in touch here or at witchkunt@gmail.com again issue one is 3 dollars ppd via paypal at: burntsound@gmail.com