William Wants a Doll

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William Wants A Doll is a zine published in New York by Arielle.

Published in the early 1990's, four issues were released. William Wants A Doll feature the celebrated girls of fiction such as Eloise and Really Rosie on the front and back covers; inside is filled with zine reviews, band shows and recording reviews. The film reviews are not of the latest Hollywood product but rather movies such as Come Back To The Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, Brewster McCloud, Bye Bye Birdie, and Shack Out On 101. Also featured are comics, editorials and interviews with zine editors like Bill of Frisco Piss Co., and Adrian of Optic Nerve mini-comic, and articles in thrifting, television, Civil Disobedience and apronography. Editor Arielle worked for a time as an intern at Sassy magazine and includes an expose in Issue three after leaving, called "Sassy? Not Sassy!".

Issue #4 announces that this is a "zine for girlie boys and buoyant girls".

The last issue of William Wants A Doll was published in 1994.