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[[Image: Weiner Society.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Weiner Society] Wiener Society is by Neil Edgar, who creates his zine from prison.

In Wiener Society, Neil Edgar writes about his life as a bisexual pagan punk incarcerated in the California prison system, what led to his imprisonment, and his existence since being locked up. Eight issues have been released to date. Earlier issues have included interviews with bands such as Smut and False Identity in issue two, Riff-Raff and Decimation Of Authority in issue three, and Bloodhag and Limp Wrist in issue six.

Weiner Society is distributed by Fanorama (whose distro he helped launch), as is the other zine he produces, called Obscene Emission. Neil Edgar's writing has been published in Fanorama and Maximum Rock 'N' Roll as well as in the anthology That's Revolting, a book published by Suspect Thoughts.

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