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Whereiwthal #3 cover

Wherewithal is a zine published by Emerson Dameron since 2004. It leaned toward dry humor, but was sometimes more personal or experimental. The third and final issue appeared in May 2006.

Issue #1

Published in May 2004

Contents: 1. Goodnight, Gipper; 2. Me and the Big Fella; 3. #77; 4. The Louisiana Breakdance; 5. The Man Who Would Be King

Issue #2

Published in October 2004

Contents: 1. A Word from the Chair; 2. Uptown Valhalla; 3. The New Asexual Universe: Chemical Castration for a More Tuneful Tomorrow; 4. Steak & Egger; 5. Romeo Is Bleeding

Issue #3

Published May 2006

Contents: 1. The Middle Finger of Fate; 2. Fire; 3. The Empty Skull; 4. The Slickworks II Guarantee; 5. (If We Had Some Ham) We Could Have Some Ham and Eggs (If We Had Some Eggs)