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==External Links==
==External Links==
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Webly Bowles

Webly Bowles (aka Webly Bucket, born April 26, 1981) is a zinester from Portland, OR.

Bowles was born in Houston, Texas but spent her formulative years in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her sister, Alex Wrekk first introduced her to zines in the mid '90's before they started their own perzine, Fun in a Bucket. Later, they both went their own zining ways breaking away from the silliness of Fun in A bucket, as Webly created Touched by an Anvil after her love of anvils, and Wrekk started Brainscan.

Bowles wrote about broken hearts and lost loves in her early issues. In her college years in Eugene, Oregon, her writing turned more to her everyday life of her love for architecture, dogs she didn't live with, her failing health, world wide traveling adventures and general growing up.

Today, Bowles works as an architect by day, and struggles in balancing an office job with her DIY ethics. This topic comes up often in newer issues of her perzine, Touched By An Anvil (which was recently featured as the IPRC's zine of the month.) She has also worked on the Portland Zine Symposium for many years and is on the board of directors at the IPRC.

Coda Bowles, the dog-like animal she lives with and cares for, was the main character of the independent short, A Cowboy Hat & A Cane, as was Bowles and her partner.

Bowles also wrote and created a 2006 Kitchen Calendar with lots of vegan recipes. Her food blogs can be seen here [1] and here [2].

Webly Bowles was the first user to contribute to ZineWiki.

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