We'll Never Have Paris

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We'll Never Have Paris is "a NYC literary journal and zine that publishes narrative nonfiction."

Curated by Andria Alefhi from New York City, New York, U.S.A., the zine consists of true short stories about "all things never meant to be." Submissions are requested to be "something personal but universal" and true.

The first issue of We'll Never Have Paris was published in 2007. The catalog includes: WNHP1: fiction once removed WNHP2: fictional nonfiction WNHP3: narrative nonfiction nanoseconds WNHP4: we are all telling the truth WNHP5: home WNHP6: now with poetry

The We'll Never Have Paris Radio Hour began in January, 2010 and is a monthly show featuring a contributor to the zine plus interviews and music on Washington Heights Free Radio.

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