Visions of Utopia

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Visions of Utopia was a oneshot zine made by Mujinga in January 2005 as documentation for a mail art project. The zine was black and white, photocopied, 20 pages long and A5 sized. The colour of the cover varied between four options.

The project

Mujinga made a mail art call for people to send him their vision of utopia on a postcard. He received 40 submissions from many different countries. He then did a one day exhibition in his squat in Schiedam, the Netherlands. There was music and free food. About ten people visited. The zine was given away free on the day and sent as documentation to all the participants. There were also possibilities to travel to the Czech Republic and the UK with the exhibition, but they did not work out.

The zine

The zine contains the original mailart call, an article on how and why Mujinga decided to do the project, the flyer from the exhibition, an account of problems and lessons learnt from the whole project and a full list of participants.

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