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Vennad Universum #5

Vennad Universum (December 2010 - present) is a fanzine from Argentina edited and published monthly by Tina Quintana (alias Xareni Torch) through her imaginary publishing house, Vennad Soul Editions. Its title means Brothers of the Universe in Estonian, a language chosen randomly for the title.

Some sections are interviews conducted in a non-traditional manner with artists and musicians, but also with random people deemed interesting by the zinester. Other sections are devoted to sexual paraphilias, poetry and various writings, experimental cooking recipes, parody reviews of amateur short films, comics, and a humorous section called Heretic Pancakes which is about fake movie arguments. Besides these sections there have been random notes on various subjects like the Gauchito Gil, the Pachamama, and pseudoscience parodies. It had, however, a serious turn with its fifth issue's note Death, which was an extract from a book about life in the Argentine slums. "Funny stuff and serious stuff can be perfectly put together in a 10 page long publication", says Quintana, "denying that is denying human nature. Funny stuff is more popular, but it also has a light of truth".

It's based in the cities of La Plata and Buenos Aires, and plans to expand to the Greater Buenos Aires Area ('conurbano') as well.

It's printed and photocopied in black and white. It's available on paper and also downloadable following the link below.

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