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Vega was a science fiction fanzine published by Joel Nydahl.

Vega was first released in 1951 and came from Marquette, Michigan, U.S.A.

Written contributions came from Marion Cox, Charles Dynzof, Harlan Ellsion (Science Fantasy Bulletin), W. Paul Ganley, Dean Grennell (Filler, Grue), Lynn A. Hickman, Barclay Johnson, Chuck Lear, Jimmy Mays, Gerry de la Ree (Sun Spots, Loki), Johan von Rodman, Ray Thompson, Bob Warner, Mari Wolf,

Cover art work was by DEA (Margaret Dominic), Ray Thompson, Bob Warner, Juanita Wellons, Ted White,

Illustrations were contributed by Leonard Avallone, Jerry Hopkins, Joel Nydahl, Chuck Lear, Ray Thompson. George Viksnins, and Juanita Wellons.

Letters came from Redd Boggs, Wilkie Conner, Harlan Ellison, Ian Macauley, Charles Lee Riddle, and Juanita Wellons.