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Vanations Issue 3 Cover art by Naaman Peterson 1952

Vanations was a science fiction fanzine by Norman G. Browne published in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Six issues of this title were released, the first appearing in June 1953 and the last in July 1953.

Norman Brown had previously started the Vancouver SF Club in Vancouver, B.C., and had co-edited the club's fanzine Hibited Happenings for three issues. He was midway through producing the first issue of his own fanzine and had printed the cover, with photographs by Frank Stephens, in Vancouver, when he moved to Edmonton, where the rest of the issue was produced.

Artwork was contributed by Richard Bergeron (Warhoon), Jack Harness, Orville Mosher, and Naaman Peterson.

Contributions included a one act play, The Tree, by Fred Chappell, which appeared in issue 5.

Other written contributions came from R.J. Banks (Utopian), Robert Bloch, John Gold Bixby, Jr., Alastair Cameron, Tod Cavanaugh, Harlan Ellison (Science Fantasy Bulletin), Richard E. Geis, Glen Godwin, Charles Gregory, Nobert Hirschhorn (Tyrann), Art Huseboe, L.L. Layton, Alfred W. Purdy, Phil Rasch, Graham Stone, Wally Weber (Cry of the Nameless), and Neil Wood.

Vanations was a member of "Fanvariety Enterprises", an affiliation of fan publishers put together by Max Keasler and Bill Venable. It included such publications as Max Keasler's Opus, Bill Venable's Pendulum, Harlan Ellison's Science Fantasy Bulletin, Dave English's Fantasias, Bob Farnham and Nan Gerding's The Chigger Patch of Fandom, Nobert Hirschhorn's Tyrann, Ian MacAuley's Cosmag, Joel Nydahl's Vega, and Starlanes by Nan Gerding and Orma McCormick.

After Vanations Norman Browne released Damn!, and co-edited the fanzine Filler with Dean Grennell, editor of Grue.