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Valiant Death Records started when a group of artists came together and decided it was time to create some good music. They worked together to find a cost efficient way to release professional CDs, and to promote their bands. Valiant Death Records was started by Bucky Lewis in Summer 2002. Looking for others to sign to the label, he soon discovered a number of techno DJs, including DJ Carpel Tunnel and DJ Molotov. Soon afterwards, they joined forces with Seth Graves, better known as Casio Casanova. Seth's exstensive history in the music world helped bring numerous other acts to the label, including Cancerslug and Daikaiju.

Valiant Death also distributed zines, buttons, patches and more.

In late 2006, Valiant Death started accumulating considerable bad debt to its customers, labels, artists, and publishers. As of March 2009, there are still a few individuals owed for old debts.

Valiant Death is the subject of a new mockumentary about how not to run a record label/distro.


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