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RUMPOT MAGAZINE's Winter 2008 cover, featuring "The Drunk" by George Bellows.

RUMPOT MAGAZINE ( is an online literary magazine that is updated quarterly. It premiered on the World Wide Web on Friday, Jaunary 11th, 2008. Rumpot simply strives to serve as reading material for the drinker and the drinking enthusiast. Over time, it would be great if it could become more than simply reading material. Rumpot is edited by Mike Smith, a writer and college instructor who lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife and cats. He enjoys the art and science of drinking, and wishes to explore drinking further through Rumpot.


  • Mike Smith (editor)


More than anything, we are interested in bar recommendations from your home city. The vision of Rumpot at this point in time includes providing an index of bars, if you will, to the drinking man and woman, and we can't do that without each and every drinker out there. It may be worth thinking of yourself as a secret shopper when you do these reviews. Maybe not.

We do enjoy reviews of quality alcohol-related films and books. If you can't think of any off the top of your head, you may want to start drinking more. And watching more. And reading more.

Prose that in some aspect allows us to explore the art and science of drinking is encouraged here at this point in time. In all fairness, we need to be strict in upholding this particular guideline.

If you are an author and have written a book or chapbook of some sort, we may be interested in reviewing it and perhaps even interviewing you. Just send us an e-mail.

Artwork that depicts the drinking life is needed. If you are an artist who can create such work, please submit it.

And finally, if you come across an interesting booze-related news item and would like to share it, please do.

Submit via e-mail ( Unfortunately, we cannot afford to pay you in cash, but we'll gladly buy you a drink or three should our paths cross. Cheers.

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