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== SLEEZE ==
Sleeze in an Illustrated satire of life's sufferings and short comings.  It was released on February 8th 2013, by Dakota S. Jernigan, in Nashville, TN.  The satire promotes local bands, most notably MegaJoos, and is full of promotions for other local bands in the Nashville area.  The book is printed and produced by the author/artist, and is sold for non-profit, on a donation basis.
Sleeze takes place in New Pork City, a fictitious parody to New York City, and if full of
stereotypes: muggings, slums, high taxes, and corruption.
The State has a tax rate of 100% and all law is enforced by the P.B.J (Pigs Being Justice). 
The Pigs detain and subpoena the easy ones: traffic stops, jay walkers, and noise abusers,
while the most heinous criminals are let off free to go, as long as they keep causing trouble.
The main character in this zine is Sleeze, a recently divorced ex-hitman, headed for an early death, but decides before his time is up to cause a little ruckus by having one more pint and one more shot.
He stars and fits right into the slums, his wardrobe is a bathrobe, and slippers, and his enemies are himself, his wife's new-boyfriend, and a detective, who really dosen't care too much about what Sleeze is doing.

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