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The University of Iowa [1]in Iowa City, collects zines and other amateur/independent press materials, and archives them in individual collections. The zines are maintained by the University Libraries' Department of Special Collections [2]. Although the zines do not circulate, they are available to any interested readers or researchers, either through personal visits to the department or via distance reference requests.

Although a plurality of collections are comprised of science fiction and other genre fanzines, UI does not limit its zine collecting focus, and welcomes zines of all types and descriptions.

The zine collections are divided by the name of the donor or source of the donation. The exception to this is the Floating Zine Collection [3], which contains zines that were obtained individually or in very small quantities from many different donors.

Special Collections at the University of Iowa is making a concerted effort to collect zines in all formats in order to preserve these materials and make them accessible to wider popular and research audiences. Zines are windows that provide glimpses into fascinating and often-under documented social worlds, worlds that UI believes deserve to have their voices rescued from obscurity.

For more information on donations or other subjects, please contact:

Jeremy Brett for more information.

University of Iowa
100 Main Library
Iowa City, IA 52242-1420

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