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Unicorn was a small press publication by Karen Rockow.

Subtitled "A Miscellaneous Journal", Unicorn was published in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. The first issue appeared in 1968, and 12 issues were published, the last in Summer 1976. It dealt with folklore, and included articles, amateur fiction, book reviews, film reviews, artwork, and letters. Tim Kirk was the Art Director and Editor. Zelda Kahan was the Poetry Editor.

Articles on Edward Lear, C.S. Lewis, George McDonald, Thomas Love Peacock, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Tolkien were featured, as well as a primer on Demonology, and articles on civil liberties, the Templars. Reviews of films included Yellow Submarine.

Contributions of cover art work were by Karen Rockow (#1:1, #1:2), Al Sirois (#1:3, #3:1), Alicia Austin (Kevas and Trillium), Tim Kirk (#1:4, #/2:1, #2:2, #2:3, #2:4), and Doug Potter (#3:3).

Illustrations were by Grant Canfield, Victoria De Larrea, Rich Latta, Eric Kimball, Tim Kirk, William Pauly, Karen Rockow, Jim Shull, Al Sirois, and Joanne Vassallo. Calligraphy was by Alpajpuri.

Contributors of articles included John Boardman, Albert Borowitz, Peter Bull, Joe R. Christopher, Candace Dempsey, Bernard Dick, Robert F. Fleissner, Eve Golden, Mark Levinson, Agnes Perkins, Beryl Rowland, Pete Seeger, Greg Shaw (Entmoot, Bomp), writing on Tolkien and the counter culture, Nathan Starr, Kathleen Tinkel, Elizabeth Walsh, Richard C. West, and Barbara Wood.

Contributors of fiction included Stephen Nagy.

Poetry was contributed by Milly Brown, Patricia Cumming, John Ditsky, Elaine Emans, R. Daniel Evans, Jeffrey Gantz, Eve Golden, Daniel Guillory, William Harrold, Eugene McCarthy, Craig McDaniel, Gary Pacernick, Karen Roclow, Pete Seeger, Stuart Silverman, Michael Sleadd, and Joanne Vassallo.

Letters came from Cynthia Amory, John Boardman, Andrea Osbourne, and Leland Sapiro (Riverside Quarterly.