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==External links==
==External links==
[http://www.un-limitedstore.com/spip.php?rubrique69 uls zine on (un)limited store]
[http://www.un-limitedstore.com/spip.php?rubrique69 uls zine on (un)limited store]
[[Category:2010s publications]]

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uls zine is a collection of A5, 16 pages artists' fanzines. This collection is a carte blanche proposed to guest artists, 150 copies are printed for the first edition.


April 2010

  • uls zine #1 — PLAYBACK by documentation céline duval
  • uls zine #2 — by Éric Watier
  • uls zine #3 — NEW DEHLI 17-25.12.2009 by Joël Riff
  • uls zine #4 — n. m. by David Lasnier
  • uls zine #5 — n. f. by David Lasnier


  • published by (un)limited store
  • ISSN pending
  • 16 pages
  • A5
  • 150 copies for the first edition
  • print type: photocopy

External links

uls zine on (un)limited store