Try to wake up with a smile on your face!

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Try to wake up with a smile on your face! is a photocopied punk perzine by Chriz from Berlin, Germany.

Chriz describes the zine as a posicore-zine. The first issue came out in May 2004 and the content is DIY, a North-East Germany scene report, an interview with Ed Spudmonkey from and Lucidity zine, short interviews about Straight Edge with Matthias from the German hardcore band Highscore, Laura Synthesis, Felix Rosales from the Philipinian band Forgiveness Denied and Robert Matusiak from Refuse Records, plus a few zine reviews. The entire zine is in English.

The 2nd issue came out in November 2011 as a split with Zwerghain #1. It contains personal stories and zine reviews.