Treaders of Starlight

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Treaders of Starlight #1 (October 1974), cover art by Mark Rich

Treaders of Starlight was a speculative and science fiction poetry zine edited and published by Mark Rich and Rebecca S. Marcus in Ottawa, Kansas, U.S.A.

Two issues were published, the first in October 1974, the second in August 1976. The second issue was published from Kansas City, Missouri.

Issue #1.1 contained poetry by Duane Ackerson, L. Sprague de Camp, James W. Checkley, JeanPaul Jenack, Theodore W. Kriner, Rebecca S. Marcus John C. Mastor, Ron Nance, Kenneth Rich, Mark Rich, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, and Walter Shedlofsky. Cover and interior artwork was by Mark Rich.

Issue #1.2 contained poetry by Duane Ackerson, James W. Checkley Jr., Peter Dillingham, Robert Frazier, Michael P. Graves, Stephen Gregg, Ed Higgins, Theodore W. Kriner, Terry R. Meyer, Errol Miller, H. Warner Munn, Ron Nance, Mark Rich, K.E. Roney, Walter Shedlofsky, Steve Troyanovich, Gene Van Troyer, and Neal Wilgus. All artwork again was by Rich.