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Trailer Trash #19 cover

Trailer Trash is a zine that is still being published on a yearly or twice yearly basis by Michelle out of Pensacola, Florida, U.S.A..

19 issues have currently been published between 1994-2007. Trailer Trash is a zine that focuses on writing about subversive subjects, work stories, weird stories, and personal experiences and anything else of interest to the editor. Contributors to Trailer Trash included Bill Florio and George Tabb from Maximum Rock N Roll and Scott Mylxine from MYLXINE. Occasional zine reviews appear in some issues. Trailer Trash has been sent to readers all over the world. You can also find Trailer Trash various zine libraries across the country. Michelle is currently working on issue #20 and also an anthology of Trailer Trash articles that have appeared since its inception in 1994.

Trailer Trash also contributed to


Temp Slave!



The Unpaved Road


trailertrashdispatch at gmail dot com

and of course MySpace keyword Trailer Trash zine.

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TrailerTrash official site