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[[Category:1980's publications]]

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To Hell With Poverty was a zine based in Coventry, England, of which four issues were produced between 1984-86.

In order to confuse future archivists, and to make better use of a rather nice photo of John Wayne, issue 4 was retitled 'The Hell With Poverty'. A fifth issue, which would have seen a return to its original name, was prepared but not printed. Other items produced from the same stable include a postcard featuring the original photomontage used on the cover of issue 1, and a tape cassette of demo tracks by the Furious Apples, a local Coventry group featured in issue 1.

Featured articles and interviews

  • Issue 1: (400 printed)- Furious Apples, Paris Cinema Project, The Luddites.
  • Issue 2: (600 printed)- Marc Riley, Ausgang, Million £ Bingo, Goons, International Rescue.
  • Issue 3: (1500 printed) - Redskins, Nightingales, 3 Johns.
  • Issue 4: (600 printed)- Blue Orchids, Colour Field, African music.
  • Issue 5: (prepared but not printed) - Go Betweens, Sue Arnold, Red Wedge, Super 8 Film festival

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