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The Last Word publisher Tim Brown.

Tim Brown (born 1973 in Newport, Kentucky) has been the publisher of The Last Word, a Kentucky-based left-leaning populist zine, since 1993. In the zine community he is perhaps most noted for his ill-tempered conflicts on Usenet (against Jim Goad and others) that resulted from the repeated deletions of his messages that contained the text of his zine.

Brown was also known on Usenet for boasting of being expelled from four schools. He also planned on seeking elected office as an independent.

Brown was arrested in 1995 for trespassing when he tried to distribute the print edition of The Last Word at Northern Kentucky University. However, he was acquitted after proving that the law was selectively enforced because of his left-leaning political views, and that he was using the library for a legitimate purpose by browsing the career guides. (Ironically, Brown was also a librarian at a public library.)

In 2005, Brown authored the book The Fight That Never Ends, a memoir describing severe bullying he suffered throughout elementary and high school (which led up to his repeated expulsions). Despite its timely subject matter, the book has been completely ignored by the mainstream media.

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