Three Sheets to the Wind

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Three Sheets to the Wind is a zine from Austin, TX (1997-1998). This zine was an obvious derivative of Peek-a-Boo, and more specifically, of Puke-a-Booze.

This zine produced three issues, and was originally free. An excerpt from this zine was featured in Jen Angel's 1997 Zine Yearbook. This zine was originally the product of three beer-drinking friends: Oona Moon Horton, who went on to write Dixiecup, Antonio Gonzalez who went on to write Brave Little Monkey, and Zack Hyde who went on to write Beer Powered Bicycle. Three Sheets to the Wind was said, by Maximum Rock 'N' Roll, to have "crossed the PC line in the sand" for either its vituperation against the french, its ready employment of NAMBLA imagery, its contempt for white trash, or its in-depth stories on miscarriages or abortions.