This Sure As Hell Ain't DNQ

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This Sure As Hell Ain't DNQ was a science fiction fanzine by Jim Shedden.

Published in April 1980 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, This Sure As Hell Ain't DNQ was a one shot.

The cover consisted of a reprint of issue #28 of Taral Wayne and VIctoria Vayne's fanzine DNQ, with the title This Sure As Hell Ain't DNQ superimposed over top

The fanzine included a review of the Torque Con held in Toronto, and a call for a new Apa.

Jim Shedden was also the publisher of the comics zine Gratis, and one of the co-editors of the zines This Tiny Donkey Looks Rather Lost, and Black Triangle. With Sara Bellum, he also coedited The Hanged Men Dance, which included contributions from Taral Wayne.