This Is The Salivation Army

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This Is The Salivation Army - Issue X

This Is The Salivation Army is a zine from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, created by Scott Treleaven.

The first issue of this black and white, cut and pasted, photocopied zine was released in 1996. Eight issues were published until the end of the zine in 1999. During this time editor Treleaven was interviewed in zines such as Broken Pencil and Fanorama (in which he was featured as a pin-up boy). The zine incorporated a vivid mixture of punk, goth, the occult and industrial music aesthetics. Articles about filmmakers Derek Jarman and Kenneth Anger were featured. Contributors included REB from Fanorama, G.B. Jones, and Paul Zevenhuizen of Infantile, among others.

In 2002, Treleaven presented an overview of his zine experience in a film entitled The Salivation Army which quickly became a cult hit, playing at film festivals across North America and Europe and counting as issue 9 of the zine. In 2004, 'Issue X' of the zine was released. This issue featured a number of writers and artists that Treleaven had come to know, or who had contacted him, since the zine's official end. These included Jason Louv, AA Bronson, Paul P. , Genesis P-Orridge, Kim Kinakin of Faggo, Rufus Poser of Poser, Black Sun Productions, Ango Visone, and others. In 2006, on the tenth anniversary of the zine, all the issues were gathered together and issued in book form as The Salivation Army Black Book.

This Is The Salivation Army is filled with editor Treleaven's distinctive collages, which he now exhibits in galleries around the world. His work has also appeared on CD covers and t-shirts, and in books and periodicals.

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