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John Purcell's earliest and longest-running - in terms of time-span - fanzine (1976-1989). Total number of issues: 15. Mostly xeroxed with occasional offset covers, it began as a pseudo-clubzine for an amorphous collection of Upper Midwestern fanzine and convention fans, This House Associates (besides Purcell, members included Barney Neufeld, Dennis Jarog, Lee Pelton, Steve Glennon, and honorary/hoary member (courtesy of a typo), Bob Tucker), then rapidly shifted gears into a combination perzine/genzine. During its peak production period (1979-1981) This House appeared three times a year with a circulation well over 300, prompting Purcell to purchase a bulk mailing permit. By his own admittance, the zine wasn't the most interesting nor thought-provoking fanzine, but Purcell did enjoy producing the zine. In 1984 he passed the editorial helm to Matthew Tepper, who produced only one issue (#14), regaining control of This House when Tepper moved to Los Angeles in 1985; Purcell absconded with the zine's files back to Minneapolis in 1986, eventually producing the final issue in Spring, 1989 as an Ace-Double fanzine with Bangweulu #6.

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