Thin Ice

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Thin Ice is a small press literary publication edited by Kathleen Jurgens.

Thin Ice was published in the 1980s and 1990s and was devoted to weird, fantasy and science fiction, poetry, and illustration.

Illustrations were by John Borkowski, Richard Dahlstrom, Jim Dapkus, Larry Dickison, Kevin Duncan, Randy Moore, Jeff Osier, Helen Shoenfeld, Timothy Standish, W. Gregory Stwart, Allen Jude Summa, Joseph A. West, and Augie Wiedemann.

Poetry was by Gary William Crawford, Denise Dumars, Wayne Edwards, Dona Fox, Marthayn Pelegrimas, Jacie Ragan, Tom Rolls, and Martha Speck.

Fiction was by Will Ackerman, William D. Cissna, Richard D'ustachio, John Grey, Lisa Lepovetsky, H. Andrew Lynch, Albert J. Manachino, Raymond Marshall, Gene Matthews, Richard F. McGonegal, Trip Neisler, Tom Raber, and Lucy Taylor.

Interviews were with John Borkowski.