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[http://theretherezine.livejournal.com There There's Livejournal Page]
[http://theretherezine.livejournal.com There There's Livejournal Page]
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[[Category:Zine]][[Category:Minnesota Zines]][[Category:2000's publications]][[Category:Zines from the U.S.A.]]

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There There #1

There There is a perzine from Minneapolis created by Rachel Mischief. Rachel has also created the zines There There's Backyard and Elabeth.


There There #1: My Two Best Friends - 1/2 size, 56 pg, red cardstock cover. Revolves around the topic of friendship, specifically as it relates to the author's two best friends. Contains stories, comics, word games, paper dolls, a recipe, zine reviews and ink illustrations done by the author.

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