The way of D.I.Y. Rocking

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The way of D.I.Y. Rocking was a D.I.Y. zine from Dublin, Ireland. It was the fifth zine in a series of zines made by Eugene from Loserdom zine between Janurary 1999 and December 2001. These five zines had different names but as they were all from the one author and because they documented a specific time period, they could for simplicity all be referred to as The way of D.I.Y. Rocking series.

These zines had comics and artwork, with personal writings and thoughts, as well as some fiction stories. There was also lino printing in the 2nd and 3rd issue and a screen printed cover of the 4th issue. The zines were distributed in Dublin, Ireland. Around 100 copies were made of the first issue and the last, with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th printed issues having 200 copies made. The zine was made on recycled paper and tied together with pieces of twine. It was sold for around one Irish pound at the time except for issue four which was expensive to produce due to the silkscreen cover and was two Irish pounds.

After the fifth issue, Eugene joined up with his brother Anto to continue their original zine together, Loserdom.