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The New Escapologist is a counterculture zine curated and edited by Robert Wringham. It focuses upon solutions to the 'escape the rat race' problem and features critical items, essays, interviews and artwork.

The magazine's website describes the magazine thusly:

"Emerging from the unhappiness inspired by work and convention, The New Escapologist is a reification of a nebulous but pervasive desire shared by a growing number of young urbanites. The New Escapologist helps to illustrate the constant will to escape the tedium of working as minor functionaries in organisations disconnected from the common good and the further desire to adopt free, ethical, creative and considered lives.

The theory, practice and culture of escape, escapism and life over the fence are explored through our investigations into art, psychology and philosophy. Through this exploration we report upon a diverse range of subjects from Baudelaire and Augustus Leopold Egg to electronic poker and Doctor Who; from affected provincialism and radical postmodernism to TV sitcoms and train spotting.

The New Escapologist is where junk-food and allegory unite and where alternatives to the rat race are revealed."

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