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[[Category:1920's publications|Wolverine]]
[[Category:1920's publications|Wolverine]]
[[Category:Literary Zines|Wolverine]]
[[Category:Literary Zines|Wolverine]]

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The Wolverine was an amateur press publication edited by Horace L Lawson and Marjorie C. Lawson.

The Wolverine described itself as "An Amateur Free-Lance" publication. As of issue 13, Horace was joined by co-editor Marjorie. It appeared in the early 1900s and continued into the 1920s and was published in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Contributors included Edward Costello, James Lawrence Crowley, Betty Earle, Arthur H. Goodenough, Edna Hyde (earlier known as Edna van der Heide, editor of The Inspiration), Harry Lehmkuhl, Stella Kellerman, Frank Belknap Long, H. P. Lovecraft ( as himself, and as Lewis Theobald) (The United Co-Operative), Lillian Middleton, Annie Pearce, Peggy Reid, Leo G. Schussman, Dan Sweeney, Charles L.H. Wagner, and Daisy Crump Whitehead.

The Wolverine was the first publisher of five of Lovecraft's pieces; "Arthur Jermyn", in March 1921; "The Nameless City", in November 1921; "The Street in December", in 1920; "The Vivisector", in June 1921; and "On the Return of Maurice Winter"Moe, Esq.", in June 1921.

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