The Unpaved Road

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Unpaved Road #4 cover

The Unpaved Road was a zine published by Joshua Peck from Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A. Peck also published Sweet Spot, Future Transmission, Kinetoscope and other zines throughout the 1990s and mid-2000s. He currently posts daily on two blogs: CineRobot and Blevins Fotografic.

The Unpaved Road consisted mostly of true stories of rural life in Oklahoma and surrounding states. Six issues were published from the late 1996 until 2001. The first three issues were a collaboration with Laura Ballay before Peck became the sole creator. Michelle from Trailer Trash was a contributor to issue #4 which was a theme issue connected to the world of tornadoes. Issue #6 is archived at the Denver Zine Library.