The Ultimate Unknown

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The Ultimate Unknown was a small press publication edited by David D. Combs and published by Combs Press in Streamwood, Illinois, U.S.A.

Devoted to science fiction and horror, the first issue was released in 1995.

Artwork was by Christopher Friend, GAK-ART, and Yul Tolbert.

Poetry was contributed by Joel Ambroise, Sharon Fotta Anderson, John Benson & Tina Reigel, Craig Cartright, Tim DiVito, Christopher Friend, Joyce Frohn, John Grey, K. S. Hardy, Christopher Hivner, John Allen Jaynes, Sarah Kozlowski, Denny E. Marshall, Ned Pendergast, William P. Robertson, Susan M. Sanders, Lisa D. Sharp, Bobbi Sinha-Morey, Douglas M. Stokes, Donna Taylor, Brandon W. Totman, and Mary Winters.

Fiction was contributed by Dr. Frank Allen, Sean G. Alt, Josh Bingham, Matt Brashears, Justin Buffington, Carolene Carey, Robert Collins, Michael Crye, Louise Dragon, J. Alan Erwine, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Ken Goldman, P. K. Graves, Paula Guran, Valerie Hardin, Deborah Hunt, Jeff Ianniello, Jeff Jensen, Rick Lawler, D.F. Lewis, Barbara Malenky, Frances McCarthy, Christopher Phillips, Michelle Pucci, Mark Rich (Treaders of Starlight, The Silent Planet, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry ), James P. Roberts, David G. Rogers, John R. Sanderson, Denise Sodaro, Mike Stickel, Edward M. Turner, L. P. Van Ness, K. A. Williams, andTom Wilson, III.

Articles, reviews, and essays were contributed by Dan Buck, David D. Combs, Ralitsa Raitcheva Combs, Chyane Llree, Douglas M. Stokes, and L. P. Van Ness.