The Standing Stone

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The Standing StoneIssue 3 October 1991Cover art by Margaret B. Simon
The Standing Stone
Issue 3 October 1991
Cover art by Margaret B. Simon

The Standing Stone was a small press publication edited by Gordon R. Menzies and published by Ebenrock Enerprises.

Subtitled "The Magazine of Fantasy and Horror", The Standing Stone was published in the 1990s in Canada.

Contributions of art work come from Clay Boutilier, and Margaret B. Simon (Star*Line), who did the cover for issue three, from October 1991.

Contributions of writing come from C. Darren Butler, John Grey, Herb Kauderer, Kim Laico, Nancy Kilpatrick, Dale L. Sproule, and Adam Thorton.

Gordon R. Menzies is the author of several works of short fiction, and later produced several books, including The Lonely Isle, The Bones of Deer, and The Art of Robert David Menzies 1953-2007.

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