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The Space Wastrel was a science-fiction fanzine edited by Mark Loney, Michelle Muijsert and Julian Warner.

It was published in Geraldton, Western Australia, and released from February 1980 to February 1988.

Contributors included Russell Blackford (Australian Science Fiction Review (second series)), Dave Luckette, Ian Nicholls, Bob Shaw, and Amelia Underwood.

An article by Mark Loney called "The Strategic Defence Initiative" was later reprinted in Phlogiston.

Irwin Hirsh, in Apparatchik #80 (1997), wrote of this period of Australian fanzines, "Mark Loney, Michelle Muisjert and Julian Warner revived The Space Wastrel and soon had a solid genzine on their hands. These, and zines like The Notional, Fuck the Notional and Apocrypha had people talking about fanzines for the first time in years, and a critical mass had developed."

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