The Purple Hours

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[[Category:Zines from the UK]]
[[Category:Zines from the UK]]
[[Category:1970's publications]]
[[Category:1970's publications]]
[[Category:Poetry Zines]]
[[Category:Poetry Zines|Purple]]

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The Purple Hours (black & white image)

The Purple Hours was a one-issue-only poetry zine edited by Lisa Conesa and published in 1974 in the United Kingdom.

Poets include Brian W. Aldiss, B.L. Ballard, John Brunner, Robert Calvert, Lisa Conesa, Gerald England, Chris Fowler, James Goddard, John Neilsen Hall, Judith Ann Lawrence, Michael D. Lindeman, Michael Moorcock (A Fanzine Called Eustace, Typo), John Nicholas, Ritchie Smith, F.G. Smallmount, and Steve Sneyd (Data Dump).

Illustrations are by Arthur Thomson and Harry Turner (Zenith, Now & Then).

Lisa Conesa also published the fanzine Zimri.

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