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* [ Official Probe Zine and Records Website]
* [ Official Probe Zine and Records Website]
[[Category:Zine|Probe]][[Category:California Zines|Probe]]
[[Category:Zine|Probe]][[Category:California Zines|Probe]][[Category:1990's publications|Probe]]

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The Probe issue #7

The Probe was a notorious zine published by Aaron Muentz out of Pleasanton, CA from 1992 to 1999. The zine combined editor Aaron's favorite two things, "punk rock and naked girls!" The fact that Muentz could get so many people in bands and from the music community to pose naked for his zine was always amazing, as was his hilarious stories and brutal honesty. The zine was full-sized, had a glossy color cover, was off-set printed and published 9 issues.

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