The Panic Button

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The Panic Button was a science fiction fandom fanzine by Les Nirenberg published in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Panic Button was published in the early 1960s and at least 14 issues appeared. Issue 13 appeared in April 1963, #14 in August 1963.

Contributors included Greg Benford, F.M. Busby, Cal Demmon, Alan Dodd, Gary Deindorfer, Jerry DeMuth, Colin Freeman (Scribble), Les Gerber, Rolf Gindorf, Ted Pauls, Richard Schultz, Harry Warner, Jr. Ted White and Norm Clarke and Gina Clarke Ellis.

Ron Bennett, in Skyrack, called it, "A way out production" and "Fandom's leading Terse Commentary Fanzine". He went on to say, "Personally I enjoyed it, particularly Les's joke about not having the time to argue with Ted Pauls and then doing so for three columns".