The Pac-Man Fever

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[[Imafe:Pac-Man fever.jpg|200px|thumb|right|'''The Pac-Man Fever''']]
'''The Pac-Man Fever''' was a [[perzine]] by [[Rascallion]].
'''The Pac-Man Fever''' was a [[perzine]] by [[Rascallion]].

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200px|thumb|right|The Pac-Man Fever

The Pac-Man Fever was a perzine by Rascallion.

The Pac-Man Fever included observations, stories, lists, opinions, and articles on themes such as growing up, relationships, surviving capitalism, resistance to oppression, DIY, depression, identity, and getting arrested by the police for drinking down by the railroad tracks. All of this is lavishly illustrated with striking black and white ink drawings, and told from a queer, trans point of view.

A number of issues of The Pac-Man Fever appeared in the late 1990's.

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