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The Monthly Monthly was a science fiction fanzine published in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The Monthly Monthly appeared in October 1979, with six editors at the helm. Rosanne Charest, Michael S. Hall, Christine Kulyk, Robert Runte, David Vereschagin and Bob Weir all contributed and took turns editing the issues. The first issue was edited by Christine Kulyk.

Artwork was by David Vereschagin.

Contributors included Bill Beard, who wrote the regular column, "Stuttered Motion".

12 issues were published, until the first year anniversary month was missed. After that, it became The Bi-Monthly Monthly, and two more issues were releases; issue 13 in November 1980, and the final issue, 14, in January 1981.

Greg Pickersgill included The Monthly Monthly in his list of "Fave Fanzines of the Eighties", posted to Memoryhole, and wrote, "Really a monthly - incredible. I never saw this at the tine but got a set via the MH project. I like it because it's a real sort of old-fashioned fanzine, not a personalzine, not a fiction zine, not even really fannish. It's the sort of serious-minded with humour thing that might have been published in the Thirties or Fourties, when Fans Had A Mission. A sort of Science Fiction Fan for our times. I really recommend it."

David Vereschagin and Robert Runte were also editors of Neology.