The Mentor

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The Mentor
Issue 21, October 1971

The Mentor (1965-2001) was a science fiction fanzine by Ron Clarke published in NSW, Australia.

Issues No. 1-23 of The Mentor, which were published from 1965 till 1973, were edited and published by Ron Clarke, before reappearing in 1978, also as The Mentor for issues No. 24-95, which ran from 1978 till 2001.

The Mentor featured the regular columns "Grimesish Grumberlings" by A. Bertram Chandler; "The Yankee Privateer" by Buck Coulson, editor of Yandro, and a column by Mae Strelkov.

Other contributors included Don Boyd, Peter Brodie, T.J. Brooks, Meryl Brown Tobin, Bill Congreve, Janet Cooper, Andrew Darlington (Ludd's Mill), Shane Dix, Wayne Edwards (Palace Corbie), Michael Hailstone, Louise Hollingberry, Blair Hunt, Brent Lillie, Vol Molesworth, Margaret Pearce, Richard Reeve, William P. Robertson, Pauline Scarf, Andrew Sullivan, David Tansey, Julie Vaux, Jim Verran, Pavel Viaznikov, Sean Alan Wallace, and Sean Williams.

Contributors of poetry were Peter Brodie, John Francis Haines (Handshake), Trent Jamieson, Tom Kretz, Lloyd Michael Lohr, Giovanni Malito, E.D. Paul, M.S. Raper, Richard E. Reeve, Wade Robertson, Steve Sneyd (Data Dump), Maria-Louise Stephenson, Alan Stewart (Ethel the Aardvark, Thyme), Meryl Brown Tobin, Bill West and Cecelia Hopkins (aka Drewer).

Artwork was by Steve Carter, Malcolm Edwards (Vector), Steven Fox, Andrey Karapetyan, Peter Lempert, and Mike McCann, Mark McLeod, Peggy Ranson, Antoinette Rydyr (Cold Cuts), Anne Stewart, Kurt Stone, Jozef Szekeres, Julie Vaux, Tonia Walden, and Rod Williams (Skinned Alive, Skintomb), among others.

Letters came from John J. Alderson, Harry Andruschak, Sheryl Birkhead (The National Fantasy Fan), Pamela Boal, Peter Booth, Ned Brooks (It Goes On The Shelf), John Brosnan (Big Scab), Brian Earl Brown, Joy Buchanan, Lorraine Cormack, Mike Glicksohn (Energumen), Julie Hawkins, George Ivanoff (Spock), Rod Marsden (Prohibited Matter), Chris A. Masters, Steve Paulsen (The Coode St Review of Science Fiction), Ben Schilling, John Tipper (Metaluna), R. Laurraine Tutihasi (Feline Mewsings), Roger Weddall (Thyme), and Lynda Weyman.

Issue 23 was a split zine with Girl’s Own Fanzine by Susan Smith-Clarke.

Ron Clarke also co-edited Ark with Susan Smith-Clarke in the 1970s. Clarke also collaborated with Shayne McCormack on Wombat in the 1970s. He also co-edited the horror zine Cold Cuts with Don Boyd and Antoinette Rydyr in the 1990s.

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