The Magazine of Speculative Poetry

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The Magazine of Speculative Poetry was a small press publication by Roger Dutcher and Mark Rich.

Founded in 1984 by Mark Rich and Roger Dutcher, thriteen issues were released by both editors until Mark Rich left, and Roger Dutcher continued publishing The Magazine of Speculative Poetry. It is published in Beloit, Wisconsin, U.S.A. and is devoted to science fiction and fantasy poetry, and also contains news and reviews. As of 2011, it was still being published.

Over the many years it has been published, some of the contributors have included Duane Ackerson, Peggy Sue Alberhasky, Mike Alexander, Mike Allen, Ruth Berman (SH - sf Fanthology, T-Negative), Robert Borski, Harry Bose, Bruce Boston, Lisa M. Bradley, S.R. Compton, Jennifer Crow, Holly Day, Ray DiZazzo, Timons Esaias, Michael Finlay, Robert Frazier (Star*Line), David Greenslade, Charlee Jacob, P,M,F, Johnson, Geoffrey A. Landis, Mary Soon Lee, Yoon Ha Lee, Sandra Lindow, Rachael M. Lininger, Kurt Mac Phearson, Elissa Malcohn, Joanne Merriam, Robert Randolph Medcalf, Jr (Apogee), Bonnie Morris, Drew Morse, John Nichols, Andrew Nightingale, Krzsztof Ostaszewski, Tim Pratt, Stan Proper, Jessy Randall, Kathryn Rantala, Mark Rich, Ann K. Schnieder, Daniel M. Shapiro, John Oliver Simon, W. Gregory Stewart, Sonya Taaffe, Roibeard Ui-neill, c.s.vitres, and Rick Yennik.

Cover art was by Mark Rich.

Mark Rich had previously co-published Treaders of Starlight, and The Silent Planet. Roger Ditcher had previously published Uranus.

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