The Little Corpuscle

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The Little Corpuscle was a science fiction fanzine by Lynne Hickman.

Published in Statesville, North Carolina, U.S.A., in the 1950s, The Little Corpuscle was a companion zine for TLMA, "The Little Monsters of America", which was a science fiction club co-founded by Lynne Hickman and Wilkie Connor, with a roster of around 300 members that lasted from 1951 till 1952. TLMA was the official organ.

The club was for people who were stared at "as though (they) were a little monster or something" when they left a newsstand carrying a science fiction magazine. The goal of the club was to promote science fiction and fantasy reading.

Artwork was contributed by Ronald Clyne, among others.

Contributors of writing included short stories by Bert Garwell, articles by Wilkie Connor and Battell Loomis, and poetry by Paul D. Cox and Wanita Norris.

Later in the 1950s Lynne Hickman published JD Argassy until the 1960s, and then Badmouth, followed by The Pulp Era in the 1980s and 1990s.